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While our hours are back to normal, safety protocols are in place for your safety and ours.

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Optometrists with modern practices on the Central Coast

Central Coast Eyecare have been providing quality eye health care since 1945.
We will have been in operation for 75 years in 2020!

With offices in Gosford and Killarney Vale, we don’t rush your appointment, a longer consultation is arranged for a more in-depth examination and management plan.

At Central Coast Eyecare our focus is all about quality in both eyecare and eyewear. We pay great attention to the detail of both our clinical and optical dispensing services and strive to achieve a proper balance between the two.

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Our Staff

Central Coast Eyecare is an independent, family owned practice. At the core of our ethos is that our friendly, expert and experienced team which takes genuine care, and provides highly personalised service, and is passionate in all we do. Our optometrists are life-long learners and continue to stay at the forefront of ophthalmic knowledge and research; our optical staff know intimately the latest in eyewear and lens technology. We place particular emphasis on establishing and maintaining long-term relationships, which is vital for continuity of care. Seeing the same optometrist over time means we understand your history and can best monitor subtle changes in your vision or eye health.


What we do

As far as we are concerned, great eyecare means ensuring your eyes continue to work efficiently and remain healthy over a lifetime. Central Coast Eyecare has invested in advanced eyecare technology and we are committed to clinical excellence.

We’re focussed on providing high quality eye care, eyecare that’s not on the clock, and high quality products that won’t compromise on your vision. Learn More


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What Our Clients Say

“Phil is an excellent optometrist, professional, caring team, love all the staff … can highly recommend.”


“The only place on the Coast to go. Awesome Gorgeous frames, optoms and staff, that all go the extra mile. Exceptional!”


“Thank you so much … Katie, you have been unreal!! Amazing … Lisa … you were pretty much our first contact … unreal! And it continues … highly recommend.”


“I would like to thank the staff at Central Coast Eyecare especially Lisa for encouraging me to get my cataract fixed after an accident 15 years ago. I have only been able to see out of the left eye I can now see clearly out of both thanks so much.”


“Dr Shauna is my optometrist and she is excellent. A no-fuss, straightforward woman who is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I can’t recommend this team more highly.”

C Tredway

“Everyone there is really nice and professional.”


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central coast eyecare

75 years!

Next year, 2020, Central Coast Eyecare will have been in operation for 75 years!

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Eye Strain

Due to an increase in screen time over the last decade, it’s not surprising that people are suffering more with either “dry eye” or “eye strain”. If you suspect you have[…]

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